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Christian Oevermann was born in 1964 in the Ruhr area, where he spent his childhood and teenage years. Even as a child, he developed the two passions that have determined his professional life so far: "Electronic Brains" (the name for computers at that time) and "Printmaking".
Computers have fascinated him ever since as a child he persued the live transmission of the first moon landing on television. Later then, after high school and university he held various positions in Information Technology (so you call it today) for over twenty years. This chapter is now behind him and since 2011 he deals exclusively with his other passion, creation of graphics and screen-printing.
Oevermann became familiar especially with this printing method in the parental commercial print shop, in which as a child he stayed gladly and made himself useful. Early he was enthusiastic about the graphic arts, especially for the then newly created Pop Art movement. This enthusiasm has never left him since.
Primarily Oevermann takes his motifs from other works of art, printed items, photographs, magazines, videos and movies, edits and transforms this content and puts it together again. A recurring feature of his style is the complete abstraction of font and text. Particularly appealing to him is the contrast between meticulous design work on the computer and traditional craftsmanship in print making.
Currently Christian Oevermann solely produces editions, not individual pieces. For him, the relation between the individual impressions of an edition is like one of siblings, as opposed to the only child, the unique piece.
Oevermann lives and works in Munich, the print shop is located in Bochum - very close to his birthplace.